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Cougar Crest Winery is an estate grown winery located in Walla Walla, Washington. The “Estate Grown” designation is an important feature of our winery. In order to qualify for this closely regulated designation, our wines are made from grapes grown in our own vineyards and fermented, aged and bottled at our family winery. Estate grown wines deliver unsurpassed quality and consistency from year to year.

— Deborah Hansen, Winemaker
— David Hansen, Vineyard and Winery Manager

2014 Res Syrah SWA2014 Blk 11 Syrah SDWC2014 Ann Cuvee SDWC2014 Cab Franc SDWC2014 Cab Franc SWA2014 Merlot PRWC2014 Merlot SFCWC 2014 Merlot SWA2014 Merlot Indy Int'l2012 Cab Franc HLSR2016 Viognier SFCC2016 Viognier GHCpub2015 Viognier SFCWC2013 Dedication Eleven SWA2013 Merlot Indy Int'l2007 Res Cab Sauv SWA2013 Reserve Syrah SWA2013 Res Syrah LA2011 Cab Franc Wine Spectator 2014 Viognier SWA2012 Merlot  2010 Cab Franc Wine Spectator 113 Viognier2010 Cabernet Sauvignon WS2009 Cabernet Franc2009 Syrah Wine Spectator    2012 ViognierDedication Six2010 Dedication Seven2008 Malbec